Liquify your staked $SUI
SUI Eco’s first liquid staking derivatives, fully reserved, non-custodial, secure, and highly liquid
Mint $mSUI
Sustainable Cash Flow
$MNI's total supply positively correlates to the minting volume of derivatives. The staking rewards commission also brings continuous and stable cash flow to MNI
Dual Derivatives
The combination of $mSUI and $fSUI satisfies and aligns user needs and protocol value objectives
Fully Reserved
Staked SUI is fully reserved to protect holders from mSUI de-peg or a liquidity crisis
Fully decentralized, staked SUI is transparent and verifiable on-chain, with permissionless minting and redemption mechanisms
Multi-audit MOVE contract guarantees the minting, redemption, and stable rewards of $mSUI
Highly liquid
mSUI staking rewards tax for liquidity subsidy, as well as sustainable and sufficient mSUI liquidity construction
Minting $mSUI for immediate rewards
Connect the wallet, mint $mSUI with one click, and complete SUI staking & generate rewards in less than a minute.
Mint $mSUI
Invoke the $mSUI minting contract developed by Mni Finance based on the MOVE language to decentralize the minting of $SUI into $mSUI.
Use $mSUI
The price of $mSUI will continue to rise relative to $SUI, you can hold to enjoy the rewards or participate in DeFi with $mSUI to gain more benefits.
Harvest $SUI
You can initiate a redemption of $mSUI at any time, and get back your $SUI with the principal and rewards. The $mSUI is fully reserved and permissionless.